Often times physicians need an image of your body to properly assess your condition before recommending a treatment protocol. This has led to significant improvement in recovery rates. Most doctors, however, cannot afford to own the equipment at their clinic, nor do they have the expertise to perform and interpret radiology tests.


This is where a specialized diagnostic imaging center such as Park Place Medical Imaging, PC, comes into play. At our state-of-the-art and fully equipped radiology center in NYC, NY, we offer several tests, including MRI's and MRI arthrograms. We collaborate with many healthcare professionals in the area. You may also choose to contact us independently.


Our experienced, licensed, and highly qualified technicians will review your medical history and focus on exactly what your doctor will need for proper treatment. Our radiology specialist, Dr. Lisa Corrente, has decades of experience in the field. We are committed to provide you with accurate results.


We are also committed to providing you with compassionate care. Our friendly office staff members will work hard to find a convenient appointment for you. We also offer same day appointments and generate quick results.


The results of your radiology test will determine the future course of your treatment. Choosing the right local radiologist is important. We have helped thousands of patients in the area and thrived over the years due to the positive response we get from them and their doctors. Never compromise on the quality of radiology testing.

Allow us to handle your diagnostic imaging needs.