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  • Dr. Corrente accepts same day appointments whenever possible.  If you need immediate results for your patient, please call the office to let us know (718) 484-3989

  • You can access images directly through our PAC system.  For access to the PAC, please contact our Office manager at (718) 484-3989 If you prefer we can also produce a CD with your patient's results.

  • If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Corrente.  She is available for phone consultations to discuss results as needed.

Dr. John Simmons

New York, NY

Dr. Corrente is always a pleasure to work with.  She does excellent work and produces the quick results that I need to treat my patients.

Dr. Marsha Wynn

New York, NY

Dr. Corrente goes out of her way to make herself available to me and my patients.  I use Dr. Corrente for all my radiology needs.

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Reasons Physicians Refer to Dr. Corrente:

Stat reports available within 30 minutes



Full reports available within 24 hours



Optimized images



Phone consultations to discuss results